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Since my boyfriend upped sticks from his small village in Norfolk and moved to the big cit-ay a few weeks ago, I’ve taken it as the perfect opportunity to get out and explore London a bit more.

I mean, I used to go out n about in London a fair bit anyway, but anything remotely interesting going on in London would usually end in a loooong tube journey home. No fun.

Greenwich was at the top of my ‘things I want to do in London’ list (mainly because I wanted an excuse to go on the DLR again tbh. No YOU need to get out the house more!)

I think Dom started to get a bit bored of my chat about how fascinating the DLR was coz a) it’s kind of like a rollercoaster with the one rail and b) no driver (!?), as he read the same Sky Sports news stories over and over on his phone.

And after debating about how much it would cost to get one of those swanky Canary Wharf apartments (spoiler alert: too much), we got off the DLR at the Cutty Sark.

It started raining as soon as we got there (typical) so first we headed towards the Cutty Sark. After a quick Wikipedia search, we discovered it’s an old ‘clipper ship’. No, we weren’t really sure what that was either really, and still aren’t tbh, but it was built in 1869 which is pretty cool.

christielouize greenwich cutty sark

You can even have afternoon tea on the ship which is a lil bit fancy really but I bet the ‘cutty cake bites’ are a right treat.

Even though we didn’t actually look around the ship, we did look around the gift shop coz y’know tourist day out n all that.

Beneath the typical gift shop stuff like those naff little figurines and badges, there were actually some quaint little bits in there – tea sets, tea towels and books galore.

There were even sew-on Cutty Sark patches, and Dom being the encouraging bf that he is was egging me on to buy one to put on my new denim jacket.

I didn’t because I’m obvs not cool enough to pull that off but I kinda wish I did buy it now just for the lols.



After browsing-yet-knowing-we-weren’t-gonna-buy-anything in the gift shop, we then walked around the grounds of the Royal Naval College and Greenwich University, which were just around the corner from the Cutty Sark.

They were so faaaancy, and the grass was so green and well-kept I was almost scared to go anywhere near it let alone step foot on it.

The buildings of the Royal Navel College were beautiful to look at, but looking the other way over the river, the view of the London skyline was amazing too with the tall mirrored office blocks of Canary Wharf sitting perfectly in the distance (we did consider doing the river cruise on the Thames like proper tourists but then being on a boat with rain = nope soz).

While moseying round the grounds and feeling a little out of place because of how posh it was, I saw a door to one of the big fancy-looking buildings was open, so me being me (nosey), I went in, and stumbled upon the beautifully intricate interior of a church.

A quick lil Google search told me it was called St Alfege Church – I had no idea it even existed.

The inside was amazing, reminding me of the cathedrals and little churches dotted around here there and everywhere in Croatia.






After about 2.5 minutes looking around the church and pretending to be cultured, we headed to Greenwich Royal Park, which, after panting our way up the hill, had prrrrobably the best views of London I’ve ever seen.

You could see almost every London landmark from St Paul’s Cathedral to the O2. Although the climb up was a struggle – the views definitely made up for it, and the sheer contrast between the openness of Greenwich Park in the foreground and the density of the city in the background was picture perfect.


Still amazed by the views, we left the park without visiting the deer enclosure, which I was most disappointed about really. But was I gonna walk all the way back up that hill? Nope.

Back in Greenwich town centre, the streets were lined with independent shops, little cafes, and proper English pubs (and expensive cars too).

Our stomachs were starting to rumble by this point and although there were loads of nice looking pubs, they were all packed with no tables left – no fish and chip board for me then.

After leaving the fourth pub still nowhere closer to some pub grub, we headed to Greenwich market a little disgruntled and well hungry.

The market was made up of rows and rows of little stalls selling everything from macaroons and posh coffee to hand painted pictures, little wooden ornaments, and books upon books upon books.











I could’ve wandered around for hours, and I still can’t believe we almost missed the food section outside.

With  a food stall for literally every type of food you can imagine, the lingering scent in the cold air was divine.

There was even a carvery stall. Mmmm roast dinner and gravy.

Remember that we still hadn’t eaten by this point, so walking through these stalls was like literal torture.

We were tempted to get some edible goods from one, but decided somewhere warm and inside was a better idea

We (finally) found a pub to eat lunch, and I’m not going to go too much into it because it would be a whole different blog post.

But the pub was soOoOo weird. It was called the Plume of Feathers and it was about a 10 minute walk from Greenwich Park.

The inside of the pub looked like it had time-travelled from the seventies, and we were greeted by the faint smell of alcohol-infused carpet and immediate stares from old men who you could tell spend every blinkin’ day of their life there.

It had those really dated seats that you would see in your local pub’s function room (I know you know the ones I’m talking about), and I felt even weirder about the whole thing when I saw a woman take her dog into the toilets with her….(?!)

We swiftly devoured our food and even though it was really tasty I almost begrudged paying that much just because of the weirdness of it all.

I really wish we went back to the market afterwards too for a lil after-lunch treat, but I gave my last bit of change as a tip, and even if I didn’t, the food coma was real.

Bellys full and feet starting to hurt, we headed back to the DLR stop to make our way home for a nap.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to Greenwich if ever you’re stuck for ideas – even on a rainy day there’s plenty of stuff to see, and more importantly plenty of places to eat drink and be merry (although maybe don’t go to the pub we did).

It’s home to some beautiful buildings, and made me feel really British walking round the town centre – rain, red phone boxes and good ol’ British pubs.

Saturday well spent I reckon.

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  1. Matt
    November 16, 2016 / 5:45 pm

    I can’t believe you wandered round Greenwich without stumbling upon the Meantime Brewery! It’s definitely worth a visit

    • christielouize
      November 17, 2016 / 10:41 am

      Really? I’ve never heard of it! Will definitely have to have a look next time I go.

  2. April 8, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    From Greenwich pier, take a speedy trip on the river on board MBNA Thames Clippers to North Greenwich pier.

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