My blogging plan for 2017 and why you should make one

Blogging plan

2017 is in full swing already, and while I’ve already written about my general life goals for 2017, I thought it would also be interesting to come up with a blogging plan for the year.

Y’know seeing as I’m trying to take blogging a lil serious now, it can’t hurt to give myself a little guidance right? That way, I can track how well I’m doing, see what’s working and what isn’t, and figure out what I need to do more or less of.

I’ve brainstormed five main areas that I want to concentrate on, so let’s call them my ‘goals’ for the year.
I’ve never really been one for counting numbers of followers or page views, and so I’ve tried to keep my goals away from being number based and more towards growing in general.

I’m also going to give a few reasons why, in my opinion, it’s useful for future you to come up with a blogging plan for the year. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I always like reading people’s opinions on stuff like that to try and improve my blog, so I thought I’d share mine too.


Be consistent

Well, so far so good. When I started blogging, I wanted to post twice weekly and have done this successfully so far, despite my initial reservations that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything interesting enough to post that often! This is something I want to carry on doing throughout 2017.

However, I’m a true believer in quality over quantity, and so if it’s been quiet then I’m not going to churn out a pointless post just to say I’ve posted twice that week. I think finding a good balance between regular posting on a longer-term basis and keeping a high quality of posts is what I want to achieve this year.

Be organised

I find life so much easier when I have content pre-written, and while this is something I haven’t been that good at in 2016, it’s something I definitely want to work on this year. Sometimes though, grabbing a blanket in front of the telly is all I can think about when I get in from work tbh. This year I’m going to make sure posts are written at least two days before posting, so I have enough time to proofread and change if necessary.

Interact more

Tbh I do find it pretty hard to write stuff, post stuff, promote it, go to work, eat dinner, do some exercise AND interact with other bloggers on Twitter. But I think it is so important, so I’m going to make more of an effort to do that this year. There have been loads of times where I’ve read a post and liked it, but not done anything, so this year I’m going to be more proactive in interacting on Twitter and on blogs.

Grow my blog

As I mentioned up there, I’ve never been one for keeping checks on my numbers religiously, so my goal is to grow my engagement, not necessarily my following. I think it’s important to continue to try and grow and expand and reach new people, so I’m going to check page views once a month to see what’s going on.

That way, I’m still keeping tabs, but I hopefully it’ll mean I don’t become obsessed with the numbers. The same goes for Twitter and Bloglovin. Of course I want to grow on there too, but I think engagement is far more important than followers so I’m not going to become too focussed on numbers, and instead, try and interact with more people to grow my engagement.

Improve my photography

I’ve never been great at taking photos, even though I know the difference a good photograph makes to a blog post (hello stock photography used in this post. Nah cut myself some slack I had to publish this from my iPad Coz my laptop was throwing a tantrum ffs). This year, I’m taking it upon myself to learn how to take proper pictures. I’m even gonna push the boat out and buy myself a decent camera. Over the new year, I saw a lot of people post the ‘then and now’ pictures of their blog photography from a year ago and the improvements were amazing. So, any photography tips for a completteeee noob, let me know lol.


Track progress and growth – Making goals and trying to stick to them is a great way of seeing how far you’ve come throughout the year. And, if the thought of a whole year is a little daunting, you can always adapt this and do it on a monthly basis instead.

Ensure you’re going at the pace you want – Everybody has different reasons for blogging. While some do it as a hobby, others want to make money. So naturally, everyone will be going at a different pace. Making goals and planning will ensure that you’re going at the pace YOU want.

Keep organised – There’s no worse feeling than trying to scrabble for post ideas the night before you’re meant to be posting (this hasn’t been me yet but never say never ok). Planning content in advance, even if it’s just a few bullet points on which direction you want the post to go in, will mean that you’re always one step ahead, and will (hopefully) make sure that blogging is something you still enjoy and aren’t finding a chore.

If you have made a blogging plan for this year – what kind have things have you focussed on? Let me know in the comments below.

Christie x



  1. January 7, 2017 / 2:59 am

    I’m the exact same with my blogging goals! I feel like I’m an roller coaster with consistency, final year at university didn’t help but it’s something I’d love to improve on this year! I also want to get a new template for my blog, looking around but haven’t found one that I completely love yet! Em xx

  2. January 9, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Really enjoyed this post! I’ve just started my own blog and found this really helpful! 🙂

  3. January 10, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    These are really good goals! I definitely need to work on my interaction too!

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