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I’m not sure why I decided to write this before dinner because thinking about Budapest brunching is making me really hungry for bread and other good stuff.

I’ve just got back from a five day trip to Budapest; a busy city full beautiful architecture, eccentric bars (some of them were just downright weird, and I’ll be uploading a post about them soon), and, of course, amazing food.

There’s no better way to start a day of city exploring than with a hearty meal – which is why I was keen to find some cute lil brunch spots.

At first glance, Budapest seemed to have many, but on closer inspection a lot of them only seemed to offer sweet baked treats.

Not that I don’t love sweet baked treats (who doesn’t), but I was looking for places offering something a little more meaty. Scuse the pun.

And looking back, we ended up going to a nice little variety of brunch places too.

Here are my top three brunch spots in Budapest if you want to eat like a king for a few days.



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Photocredit: RockyMM

This lil place was sat on a little side street just off one of the main roads around the inner city.

We got there around 10.30, hungry and ready for feeding. There were no tables left. Oh. After waiting outside for around twenty minutes (something we would soon learn wasn’t unusual), we were seated inside the cosy little cafe.

The clean feel of the dark wooden flooring and white walls was countered by the antiquity and alternative furniture – most of the tables were made from coat racks or piano legs attached to table tops.

The miniature bookshelf and cushions added to the homely charm of the tiny space, and the old ornate porcelain mugs were really cute I really wanted to put one in my bag.

Now, on to the most important bit – the food. I went for the sausage and onion scrambled egg with (what I thought was toast but actually turned out to be) a weird long, curved bread thing, and hot chocolate.

Dom ordered the spinach and mushroom scrambled egg, and a macchiato and was well jel of my fancy hot chocolate when his was finished in two mouthfuls. Soz hun.

While the ‘sausage’ in mine actually turned out to be chorizo (watch out for that in Budapest), I wasn’t complaining because chorizo and eggs = match made in heaven.

There musta been some spices in there too coz my eggs were a pleasant shade of orange and damn tasty.


The weird bread thing made a great utensil for the egg to mouth movement too – although I probably would have preferred to have some butter on it too.

Other bits on the menu included american Nutella pancakes (kinda wish I tried these), apple-cinnamon oatmeal, and frankfurter and potato salad (I was really tempted to try the latter for a real Hungarian brunch but after weighing up the risk factor with my levels of hunger I decided to play it safe.)

My hot chocolate was prrrrrobably the best drink I’ve ever tasted in a while too – and this seemed to be a running theme in Budapest so again, I would definitely recommend trying it.



stika budapest christielouize

Waking up hungover after a night of boozing (happy anniversary Dom, here’s your hungover girlfriend :)), all I wanted was a cold can of coke and I wasn’t really sure I could stomach any food tbh.

I soldiered on because a) I knew I’d feel worse if I didn’t eat and b) too much good food to be missed out on otherwise.

We ended up picking STIKA for our second morning brunch (I call it brunch but it was definitely lunch time by the time we got there), located on a street corner in the Jewish quarter.

Again, we had to wait outside, but I didn’t mind because the sun was shining and the fresh air was helping my hangover (I think).

Plus, with seating for less than twenty people, it was to be expected really. Once we were in I got a cold coke and scanned the menu and it really did look delightful.

My once worries about not being able to stomach any food soon became history as I eyed up the poached eggs on toast with mascarpone and spinach. Mmmmmmmmmmm yes please.

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Photo credit: HooliganHugo

They tasted amazing, and were presented beautifully too – two perfect circles of toast with the right amount of mascarpone and spinach, and two perrrrfectly poached eggs.

There was some sort of yellow sauce drizzled over the top too. Not sure what it was but it tasted good.

We both did that thing where you prod the yolk with your knife and watch it all ooze out.

The only problem with the presentation was that because the bits of toast were circle cut-outs, we were both left a little hungry after we had finished – I could’ve easily had a third (is that greedy?)

If there wasn’t so much of Budapest that needed seeing, I could’ve happily stayed there and drank coffee all day.



christielouize, brunch, budapest

Picture credit: Szimpla Haztaji

This quaint little farmers shop sat in the middle of a seemingly chaotic little street. It had a pretty limited breakfast menu compared to the other two places, but we found a little table in the corner and huddled ourselves in – careful not to knock anything off the surrounding tables while doing so.

The interior was authentic, with mix n match chairs and cushions, and colourful chalkboards lining the bare brick walls.

christielouize, budapest. brunch

There were little pastel-coloured flowerpots on each table with a flower and little message in each, and towards the counter I could see cakes, sandwiches and muffins galore.

While the breakfast menu was small, there were jars upon jars of homemade jams and chutneys, fruit strudels, and homemade pumpkin pies on display by the counter all available to buy.

I went for the boiled egg and butter, as I assumed this would come with toast and I could just mash the egg up and have (kind of) scrambled egg on toast…

Good job I asked because it literally was a boiled egg with butter on it. Is that a thing?

Safe to say I went for the croissant and jam instead.

I’m not normally one for sweet stuff for breakfast but there’s a first time for everything, right?

Included in the price (around £4) was a hot drink and an orange juice too.

The croissant came with plum jam which tasted divine, and to my surprise, really filled me up too.

But, croissant and jam aside, the best bit about my brunch at Szimpla Hazjati was the orange juice.

I urge you to go there and try it.

I mean, I knew the juice was freshly pressed and all that because it was nice and frothy, but I don’t know where those oranges were from because I’ve never tasted anything like it.

I would rate this place 5/5 purely based on their orange juice, but the croissant and home-made plum jam were really good too.


Overall brunching in Budapest was easy. There were warm cosy little places down almost every small street in the inner city, with (probably) something for everyone.

I enjoyed all three for different reasons, but if you have time for only one – go to STIKA. The big menu, the perfectly cooked eggs, and the chilled out atmosphere was all I needed in a brunch spot, really.

I hope this post made you as hungry as it made me when I was writing it lol.

I’ll be posting about bars and places to explore in Budapest soon.


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