City Spice London: The King of Brick Lane

  1. So as you may or may not know, one of the things I’ve really wanted to do since moving back to London was to go for a curry down Brick Lane (or curry mile as it’s sometimes called).

And last weekend all of my curry-related dreams came true, as I hopped on the tube to Liverpool Street after work and went for a Friday night curry with the bf at the award-winning curry house City Spice, down Brick Lane.

I don’t think there’s a better way to be spending a Friday evening in London than with curry and beer to be honest.

So anyway, after a few bevs in the local spoons to ease away the pain of a long week at work, Dom and I headed to City Spice, just a five minute walk from Liverpool street station, in the heart of Brick Lane opposite the vintage clothes market.

City Spice is listed on Cobra’s Guide to Good Curry, as well as winning multiple excellence awards on TripAdvisor, and the title of London’s best restaurant in the Bangladeshi Caterer’s Awards last year. Hmm, pretty impressive.

We were greeted instantly by a member of staff as we walked through the door, who I later learned was the owner. Friendly and welcoming, he seated us straight away – which was a bonus as we were starving by this point!

The restaurant on first inspection was quite small but bright, and almost every table was full (always a good sign). I later realised there was also a big downstairs area too (which was also full – impressive considering the amount of curry houses in the vicinity).

After ordering two Cobra beers (yes more beer), it was time to consult the menu. It. Was. Huge. Honestly, there was so much to choose from, it took about 15 minutes to come to a decision (doesn’t help that me and Dom are v indecisive people).

Among the usual curry house favourites on the menu, it was really nice to see some different options that I’d never seen anywhere else. From vegetarian choices, fish dishes and tandoori clay oven specialities, it seemed clear from the menu that the guys at City Spice knew their stuff.

One section of the menu that really caught my eye was the ‘City Spice award-winning dishes’ section.

According to the menu, these dishes offered unique flavours of Bangladeshi cuisine which were only available at City Spice as the menu was exclusively created by their City Spice award-winning chef. I had to try.

So, from this section we chose the ‘thatul tanga bhujon’, a ‘highly recommended’ chicken, lamb or vegetable dish made with home made sweet and sour spicy sauce (we chose chicken).

It was a hard choice to be completely honest, as all of the dishes in this section sounded amazing, with loads of exotic ingredients including mango pulp and spicy yoghurt sauce.

We also chose a lamb dansak, a pilau rice to share, a garlic naan, and a saag aloo side dish. I’d never had lamb in a curry before, so was eager to try out the lamb dansak, a medium-heat saucy option (gotta love a saucy curry tbh).

We waited around 15-20 minutes for our food to come out, which I didn’t think was bad considering there wasn’t an empty table in sight.

Finally it was time to diiiggggggg innnnnn (cue me and Dom piling rice and curries onto our plates).



Ok, let me start with the thatul tanga bhujon. There were huge chunks of chicken in a dark orange sauce, which had chunks of onion in too, and was incredibly fruity and fragrant – I could definitely taste the sweet and sour in the sauce. The chicken was so so tender too, I honestly couldn’t fault it – it was delicious.

The lamb dansak was equally as tasty, and spicier than the thatul, which was good as it meant we had a good variety of flavours and spices. The lamb was so soft too, and literally pulled apart on my fork – I’ll definitely be ordering a lamb curry again that’s for sure.

And although both curries had loads of sauce, this wasn’t used as a way to disguise the lack of meat in any way- there was so much meat in both curries which is always a sign of a great, honest curry house in my opinion.

One pilau rice between two was just about enough for us, and the huge garlic naan was a great way to mop up all the leftover sauces (this is literally making me so hungry writing this lol).

I honestly couldn’t find a fault in City Spice. The food, the service, everything about it was spot on, and we left the restaurant absolutely full up and the whole time in the uber home was just an exchange of ‘man I can’t believe how tasty that was’…’no but seriously…that was so nice’ (we appreciate good food ok).

Would I visit City Spice again? 100% yes. There are too many intriguing and different dishes on their menu for me not to. Even though it would probably take a long old while to try everything out, I definitely want to go back to try a few more different dishes!

It seems that the family behind this award-winning restaurant are really making City Spice a force to be reckoned with in the Indian cuisine market – and I hope their success continues because they really deserve it.

If you’re around Brick Lane and fancy a really great curry at a reasonable price – I’d definitely recommend going to City Spice. From my experience, and I’d guess due to their rising popularity, it would probably be best to book a table if you do fancy a visit – which you can do easily on their website.

City Spice – I’ll be back!

NB: Two complimentary meals were offered for an honest review of my experience. All views my own.


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