A winter break: my top five destinations

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If it isn’t already, winter soon will be knocking at our lil doors. And apart from cosy snuggled nights in, hot mulled wine and the countdown to Christmas, it’s the perfect time to whisk yourself away for a few days for a lil winter break. It’s been a long and stressful year and you completely deserve a few days off before/after you stuff yourself silly with turkey and stuffing right?!

I’ve only ever been on one winter break before, as I’m usually one for summer holidays on le beach topping up my tan with a cocktail (probably beer) in my hand, and either a spring or autumn break. But, I went to Amsterdam with a few of my friends a few Januarys ago, and once we got over how flippin’ FREEZING it was (I defo did not take enough layers ok), we had such a great time.

Having been to Amsterdam in summer too, there was something different about the place in winter, and it’s got me thinking I’d definitely like to go on a few more winter weekends away to break the year up a bit, and to get a different experience out of going away.

So, *sad face* even though I’m out of holiday money for the year after travelling around Croatia and my recent trip to Budapest, I still wanted to put together a little winter break wish list because a) who doesn’t love looking for holidays and b) it’s absolutely hammering down outside and I need some kind of escape from life ok.


Northern lights. Need I say more? A city well known for its natural beauty, Reykjavik has been described as the small city with a big soul, and while it’s true that the northern lights do look pretty damn good there, Reykjavik has loads of other lil treasures that quite frankly sound pretty darn fun for a winter break.

There’s an old harbour to wander around, plenty of geothermal pools to unfreeze those lil toes up after exploring the ice caves and a handful of few museums to take in the Icelandic culture and history. I’ve also read online that Iceland has a ring road which goes around the entire country known as the ‘magic circle’. Apparently, the views are some of the best; blue waterfalls, green meadows and vast amounts of land covered in a blanket of snow. I’d love to do this one day.


Lake Geneva is Europe’s biggest Alpine lake, sitting between France and Switzerland. I’d love to be able to leave everyday life behind for a few days and chill out in the serenity of Lake Geneva and its cute lil surrounding villages. The city of Geneva itself is strung beautifully around the lake, and is different from many other European cities in that the people speak loads of different languages.

With the snowy mountains in the background, and plenty of opportunities to take out a steam paddle boat across the lake, Geneva sounds like such an idyllic place to forget about life for a few days and get all cosy by the fire in a lil log cabin or something.I also nearly forgot that chocolate AND cheese AKA two of my favourite things are a speciality in Switzerland and OMG I want to go there even more now.


To be honest, New York would be on my wishlist any time of the year. But there seems to be something about NY in wintertime that gives it that extra lil hint of summin summin. To me, seeing Central Park covered in a layer of snow, with people ice skating on the frozen over lake, and the bare trees lining the frosty paths would be like something out of a film.

And even though it’s flippin’ freezing there in winter, I wouldn’t mind because clear skies and pretty buildings and THE RUN UP TO CHRISTMAS. Imagine the huge displays in department store windows, the huge 70ft tree decorated beautifully, and cosy evenings spent grabbing a hot chocolate and watching the world go by. Take me now plz.


I’ve wanted to go to Berlin for flippin ages now. And after doing a bitta research (planning my theoretical trip where money knows no bounds in my lunch break at work), it looks like a beautiful place to visit in winter. There are over 80 Christmas markets in Berlin apparently (Bratwurst and Glühwein come at me), and it seems that it becomes a completely different city in wintertime.

I can’t help picturing myself walking round the cute little streets with a hot apple strudel wearing a cute little matching hat, scarf and gloves set. The decades-old tradition of pancake racing is held in winter in Berlin too, which sounds like an absolutely amazing way to spend the afternoon if you ask me.

I’ve also heard that a German Christmas dinner is a must-try, with goose, dumplings, and red cabbage. Would I love to try that even if it’s not Christmas? Lol obvssssss.


Copenhagen looks like such a cool little city, and I’ve wanted to be that person posting the picture of the multi-coloured houses by the little boats on the water for ages now lol. As a Scandinavian city, Copenhagen is pretty much guaranteed snow in the winter months, making it even more of a picture-perfect winter destination.

While some european cities pretty much close down to tourists over winter, Copenhagen definitely doesn’t seem to be one of them, with the Toftegards and Frederiksberg Runddel ice rinks, the beautiful lights at Tivoli gardens, and plenty of places to create ultimate #hyggegoals being just some of the highlights.


Ok I need to stop there because I’m getting seriously carried away with the thought of spontaneously booking a lil winter break away for a few days. These are just a few of the places I would absolutely love to go on a winter break, but there are loads more cities that look amazing like Vienna, Stockholm, and Krakow.

Are you going away this winter, or have you been to any of these cities before? I’d love to know.

Christie x



  1. November 23, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    Reading this makes me wish I had time off this winter to travel!! It’s one of the downsides to working in retail. If I could I would want to head to New York. I definitely agree that it has a lil something something to it during the winter months! Hopefully one day soon!


  2. November 28, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    I’m not going away this winter but I really wish I was! Have you ever heard of those glass igloo hotels in Finland? What a dream!!

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