Review: AmaVida frozen smoothies

Guys, I’m sure you, like me right now, are sitting at home in front of a fan trying to think of any way you can keep cool. It’s weird that this seems to happen any time there’s some sort of heat wave in the UK isn’t it? You would think we’d have some up with some sort of coping mechanism by now.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m really hot, I think it’s so easy to reach for an ice cold fizzy drink or an ice cream (or a mojito like I did in Dubrovnik). Yes, they’re really tasty and do cool you down, but they’re actually quite unhealthy for you (although again, like me, you probably already know this but try not to think about it when you’ll do anything to cool down a bit).

What about if there was some sort of solution… something that cooled you down in times of overwhelming British heat, tasted amazing, and was also super healthy for you? Well that’s where Amavida frozen smoothie bowls come in.

They have stockists around the UK including gyms and health cafes, but for those times when you really don’t want to leave the sunny spot in your garden you’ve been frying in for the past three hours, you can order your own Amanda frozen smoothie packs online and make them yourself.

Their current flavours are acai and dragonfruit, both of which are handpicked from the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil (which is probably the same temperature as Britain right now to be honest).

They’re then brought to London within 24 hours, and only premium organic and raw ingredients are used – no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives at all – which is great to see in today’s commercialised and saturated food market.

I was really excited to try both, as I’d never had anything of these flavours before – let alone anything as organic and raw as the Amavida packs.

The smoothies were really easy to make, as a little guide was included with the packs too. I tried the acai berry pack first, and honestly I felt instantly refreshed. The coldness of the smoothie was honestly so so welcome on such a hot day. Aside from this, the taste was absolutely amazing too.

As I said previously, I’d never tried anything derived from acai berries before, so didn’t really know what to expect. The flavour was really rich though, and sort of tasted like a mix between blackcurrants and raspberries.
They were just the right consistency too – nice enough to slurp down easily, while being thick enough to really fill you up too. And, of course, bringing you down to some sort of normal human body temperature on an absolutely scorching day.

These smoothie packs really do tick all the boxes – apart from tasting amazing and being absolutely refreshing on a hot summer’s day, their health benefits are almost never-ending too.

The acai pack alone, which uses premium, organic ingredients, is a great source of omegas 3,6, and 9, and the dragonfruit flavour (which also tasted amazing but if i wrote about that too, we’d be here all day) has amazing benefits for your hair, skin, and health in general.

It’s no wonder that both acai and dragonfruit are known as some of the healthiest superfoods in the world – and Amavida have treated us to only organic and premium produce in their smoothie packs too – just imagine how much your body will thank you for choosing one of these over a Cornetto!

So next time you’re catching some rays outside and fancy a cooling treat, don’t reach for the ice cream, reach for an Amavida smoothie bowl – honestly if their health benefits alone aren’t enough to make you want to try them out, they taste absolutely amazing too! And, if you’re that way inclined, they make for a bloody great Instagram post too.


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