Seven things I want to buy for my new flat

First of all, just a lil side note: I feel like I’m really struggling to keep on top of blogging and life at the moment, hence the lack of recent posts. A lot has been going on lately, I got a new job (woohoooo), I’m in the process of moving into London (double woohoo) and I’ve just got back from a trip to Copenhagen (blog posts pending).

I’ve also recently signed up to my first ever 10k run. I’m sure I’ll be busy with training for that in the next few months too, which, lol, could take a while considering my current state of fitness.

Anyway, just a heads up that content might be a little sparse in the upcoming months, as it has been for the last few but I’m tryyyying to pull through and get my butt together and organised.

Ok so on to the topic of this blog post, which I thought might be quite interesting to do, as I’ve been looking forward to moving out for ages now, as you might have known from this here post. The time has finally come – I’ve got a new job in central London which means time to move out of my parents’ house and in with my boyfriend, Dom.

We’ve found a flat and are currently in the process of signing documents and all that boring stuff. In the meantime, a comprehensive list of things I want, more like need, to buy for our new flat has been growing by the day.

I don’t really do much homeware/interior stuff on here, but seeing as I can’t get enough of home sections in shops now (is this what adulthood feels like?) I thought I’d share some bits. Mainly Urban Outfitters bits because their homeware is just so damn good.

1. A slow cooker

a) because I’m lazy and b) the smells that hit you when you get in from work are enough to make you excited for the entire day, and you probs shouldn’t trust anyone who says otherwise tbh. This one from John Lewis looks good as you can write stuff on it too – I mean haven’t you always wanted a slow cooker you can write on too? Lol.

slow cooker

2. *this* cushion from IKEA

I’ve wanted this for ages now (lol) and Dom said he would buy it for me once we moved in together… ahem if you’re reading this hope that isn’t an empty promise!


3. Pretty much any print from Desenio

But, more specifically, any of these would be fab

4. This travel scratch map from UO

I love to travel, and although me and Dom have been together under three years, we’ve been to a load of places already, and I think this is a really cool way to document this.

5. This llama cushion

This doesn’t even need an explanation tbh lol


6. Any of these bowls from Sass and Belle

Time to start feeling like I’ve got my life together while eating breakfast half asleep in the morning and I feel like these bowls will do just that.


7. This hexagon wine rack from Oliver Bonas

Although, let’s face it, I don’t have the money to be shopping there anyway, and even if I did, lol who am I trying to kid that there will ever be more than one bottle of wine in there?

Wine rack


  1. Russell Hobbs 3.5L Chalkboard Slow Cooker, John Lewis, £22.50
  2. FJÄDERMOLN cushion, IKEA, £6
  3. Various map and city prints, Desenio, from £5.95
  4. Scratch map world map poster, Urban Outfitters, £20
  5. Bohemian bowl, Sass and Belle, from £5.50
  6. Furry llama cushion, Urban Outfitters, £35
  7. Hexagon wine rack, Oliver Bonas, £35

Can you tell I’m excited to move out?! I’m always on the lookout for cool new homeware bits to buy now, so if you have any good websites you’d recommend, drop them in the comments! What other things would be on your list if you were moving into a new flat?

Christie x


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