Weekend catch up: winter markets and ice skating

I’m writing this on a Monday evening, in my pjs with a cup of tea after a Monday at work. You know the ones where you really, really wish it was still the weekend? Yep, one of those.

It happens quite a lot at the moment as weekends are the only time I get to see Dom so most of my weekdays are spent counting down until the next weekend. Sad but true lol.

I had the ultimate wintery weekend last week though, feat. hot cider, baileys chocolate mousse, and a Christmas market. It was so much fun I thought I’d share it with you, in case you’re lost for things to do one weekend.
After reading Food and Baker’s post on the Southbank winter festival (which you can read here), I decided to give it a lil visit myself considering a) it’s free and who doesn’t love free things, and b) Dom lives one stop away from Waterloo on the tube (yeah, I know it’s sooooo great).

It was free entry too, which is always a bonus when you’re out and about in London. The winter market was so cute, and without overdoing it (like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which is a bit toooo much tbh), it got me the right about of excited for Christmas.

Winter festival


There were around 15 food stalls, all set up in lil mini Christmas-y log cabins with all kinds of different cuisines (the Bombay one smelt particularly tasty). We went for the Oh My Dog stall in the end, as the queue was the longest by far, which could surely only be a good sign.

No joke, this was probably the best hot dog I’ve ever had. It was £7, and had cheese, gherkins, special sauce, and crispy fried onions on – and plenty of them, she was literally whacking those toppings on like they were going out of fashion.


After finishing our hotdogs and contemplating whether or not we were ready to move yet (spoiler alert: we were too full so sat there for another 10 minutes), we went to the bar. Dom got a pale ale, there were loads to choose from if you’re into all that, and I didn’t know what I fancied so I waited.

I’m glad I did because then… we found… the Rekorderlig cider lodge. Now, to be honest it wasn’t really like a lodge at all to be honest lol, it was really just a hut with a bar and tables and chairs. The upstairs bit looked the best but was cordoned off.

The best part about the cider lodge was that they had loads of different fruit cider-based cocktails, and hot spiced plum cider, which was what I got. It tasted amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, and is something I’m definitely going to try and replicate this Christmas. If anyone’s got a recipe, hit me up plz.

No wait, scrap that. That part was good, yes, but the BEST part was that the hot cider came in these really cute little mini mugs. They were so cute, and sippin hot cider out of one of those made me feel all kinds of Christmas-y.
There was also quite a nice Christmas market on the Southbank too, and although I didn’t buy any Christmas presents, I DID buy a Bailey’s mouse mini cake thing. It was a bit weird but still tasty.




Next, we hopped on the tube to Canary Wharf, as we had booked to go ice skating at 6. Now, I was a bit wary as Dom always does this thing where he says he’s really good at something but in reality he’s really crap (e.g table tennis and pool, and many many other things).

So, when he told me he was good at ice skating I thought I’d have my work cut out trying to keep him from going arse over tit the whole time. And for any of you that know Dom, he’s probably the clumsiest person I’ve ever met so you can see my reservations here, right?

Anyway, we got on the ice and he zoomed off and starting doing all these like tricks and swerving through people and stuff and I was just like DAMN BOY you can actually skate.

The ice rink was really cool (scuse the pun), and had different coloured LED lights overhead which looked really nice on the backdrop of all the tall lit office blocks at night (I didn’t get any pics coz I was too busy zoomin on the ice lol).

The session was an hour long and was £16 each – but I’d definitely recommend booking online as it was super busy. I suppose that was the only downside of it.

There were quite a lot of people, so it was hard to get any kind of speed up without having to dodge out the way of people, perhaps I’d go at a different time if I were go to again.

I’d definitely recommend it though, it was so much fun and the hour flew by. There are loads of other ice rinks in London too, like at Somerset House, the Natural History Museum, Broadgate by Liverpool Street station, and Hampton Court Palace to name a few.

So that’s my weekend summed up really. Oh, forgot to say Sunday was spent watching Netflix in bed in true Sunday style lol.

Let me know if you’ve been to the Southbank Winter festival and if you liked it. Or, if you’ve been ice skating in London this year.

Christie x

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