What I miss about living away from home

christielouize living away from home

So, it’s been nearly four months since I moved back home from university, and while I’m still adjusting to living with my parents again after three years, there are still a few (actually quite a lot of) things I miss about living away from home.

1. The feeling of a new, empty room to decorate and make snazzy however I so wish. Yes mum I do need those five
fuzzy blankets and 276 pictures of me and various friends looking v drunk

2. Knowing what food/snacks/other good stuff were in my cupboards because I was the one that bought them

3. Thus, being able to make dinners fit for a queen.

4. Feeling exotic AF when making a Goan prawn curry from scratch (I only did this once but I miss it ok)

5. On the flipside, eating cereal for dinner if massive cba to cook

6. Taking advantage of the fact that I don’t have to have my music so quiet I could just about hear it

7. Leaving the bathroom door open while showering (would only advise this with an en-suite)

8. Going to the shop and not being asked about 27 questions

9. Being able to go and visit a friend without being asked for their name, country of birth and blood type

10. Buying alcohol at weird times and not being judged

11. Making food at weird times and not being judged

12. Using tin foil as a plate to save washing up and not being judged

13. Doing what the f I wanted, when the f I wanted.

14. Having complete control over the TV. The remote was mine and only mine.

15. Not having to wait for someone to be done in the bathroom before I can go in

16. Drinking orange juice from the carton and not getting daggers from mum

17. On certain occasions, leaving my room to get as messy as I damn well pleased

18. Spontaneous dinner partays, wine cheese and Netflix nights and so on, and so forth

19. Carrying the party on at home after a night out

20. Just, freedom really

Despite all of these reasons, I am actually thoroughly enjoying living back at home again (for now)– thanks parents. If you’ve recently moved back home again after university, what are some of the things you miss the most?

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  1. October 31, 2016 / 4:27 pm

    I graduated from university quite a while ago – about 6 years ago eek!

    but I totally remember how i felt when i moved back home so i can relate! its just the freedom of doing anything and everything you want. but at the same time nothing beats your mums cooking.. lol.

    Lovely post!

    Yasmin xxx

    • christielouize
      October 31, 2016 / 4:30 pm

      Lol totally agree! My mum’s cookin was sorely missed while I was at uni!!! Will never take it for granted again lol

      Thank you for commenting xx

      Christie x

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